Portable Dew Point Meter

Veritcal View
Model No VD-H2 Series
Sensor technology Capacitive Thin Film Polymer
Measuring Ranges (-40 +30), (-60 +30), (- 80 +30) & (-100 +30)
Monitoring Parameter Dew Point, RH, Temperature & Moisture
Resolution 0.1 Deg, C
Accuracy +/-2 Deg. C
Linearity +/-2 Deg. C
Display 2.4 inch Touch LCD
Operating power Battery Operated
IP protection IP 65
Battery Charger USB Type
Operating Pressure up to 20 bar pressure
Recommended Flow Rate 2 LPM
Temperature Measuring Range 0.00 to 99.999 Deg .C
Relative Humidity Measuring Range 0.00 to 99.99 %
Moisture Measuringe Range 0- 23000 PPM

Portable Dew Point Meter

The VD-H2 Series portable dew point meter is a hand-held, light-weight, portable, and affordable dew point meter that is an easy-to-carry, battery-operated measuring tool.

The dew point meter has an operating pressure of up to 20 Bar and a moisture measuring range from 0 - 23000 PPM

Has an incredible battery life, up to 20 Hrs on a single charge.

Assembled in a rugged handheld IP65 protected plastic enclosure and equipped with quick-disconnect tubing couplings and an internal sensor manifold.



  • Microprocessor-based portable battery-operated instrument.
  • Digital Graphical Display
  • Samples compressed air up to 12 Kg/cm.
  • Pressure and temperature up to 95°C can be measured directly.
  • Quick disconnect fitting, desiccant test.
  • Handy and lightweight.
  • Inbuilt thin film water vapor sensor.
  • Optional RS – 232 computer interface & data logger.

Ordering information with RANGES

Model – VD42-H2

Measuring Range: -40°C to +30°C


Model – VD62-H2

Measuring Range: -60°C to +30°C


Model – VD82-H2

Measuring Range: -80°C to +30°C


Model – VD92-H2

Measuring Range: -110°C to +30°C


1. Up to what Pressure the dew point meter can withstand?

A. It can withstand up to 20 bar pressure.

2. What are the parameters it can measure?

A. Moisture in ppm, RH in %, Dew point temperature in °C td

3. What is the Battery life?

A. You can use it continuously for Up to 20 hours.

4. Does it have a data storage facility?

A. It has an inbuilt data storage facility.

5. What is recommended flow rate?

A. 1.5 LPM

6. Does it have a computer interface?

A. Yes it has a USB for connectivity.

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