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A dew point measuring instrument, also known as a dew point meter, is a device that measures the dew point temperature (°C Td) of compressed air or gas. A dew point analyzer precisely measures the temperature at which water vapor in compressed air or gas condenses into liquid. A dew point measurement device determines the dew point of compressed air or gas. A dew point transmitter, on the other hand, is directly installed in the pipeline of compressed air chambers to monitor dew point temperature continuously. A dew point meter can determine the temperature (°C), moisture level (PPM), and relative humidity of gas in addition to measuring the dew point temperature (°C Td).

What Makes Vasthi Dew Point Meters better?

Maintaining an appropriate moisture(PPM) level and dew point temperature in the compressed air or gas system is critically important to the result of the process. From petrochemicals to natural gas, pharmaceuticals to aerospace, an expansive range of applications require professional and accurate dew point measurement tools for best operation. Dew point meters and transmitters from Vasthi instruments are trusted by professionals around the world for their faultless measurement capabilities. Offering a wide variety of dew point measurement tools like an online dew point meter, portable dew point meter, and dew point transmitter with an extensive range of options, Vasthi Instruments is an ideal choice for every industrial dew point measurement prerequisite. 

With an easy-to-use interface and robust design, our trace moisture dew point meters with a measuring range of (-60°C to +30°C),( -40°C to +30°C) & (- 80°C to +30°C) are incredibly reliable and are suitable for accurate and faultless dew point monitoring. Our engineers at Vasthi Instruments have designed quintessential dew point meters that flawlessly measure relative humidity and dew point temperatures with +/- 1% accuracy. Our dew point measuring instruments comply with parameters set by International Organization for Standardization (ISO).

Dew point meters from Vasthi Instruments are suitable for the following gas types:


✓ Air / Compressed air

✓ Carbon dioxide (CO2)

✓ Methane (CH4)

✓ Nitrogen (N2)

✓ Oxygen (O2)

✓ Natural gas

✓ Argon (Ar)

✓ Hydrogen (H2)

✓ Other gases on demand


Choosing the right dew point meter 

There are mainly three types of dew point measuring tools that are widely used across industries. 

1. Online dew point meter

2. Portable dew point meter

3. Dew point transmitter

Depending on the type of industrial application and user requirements, choosing an accurate dew point measuring instrument is highly important to ensure the best result.

Choosing a dew point analyzer that is suitable for your industrial requirements helps in maintaining the safety of the pneumatic devices and keeping up the outstanding quality of the end product.

Vasthi Instruments’ dew point measuring devices are widely regarded as the best in the business for their flawless accuracy and bespoke range of dew point measurements.

Special features of our Dew point measuring instruments:

  • Measurement of very low dew points down to (-100°C)
  • Ensures long-term stability as a result of Internal automatic calibration technology.
  • IP 65 housing that grants reliable protection in extreme industrial conditions
  • Super fast response times.
  • Installation in the dryer using G 1/4" thread or measurements as per user requirement.
  • High accuracy of ± 1°C
  • On-site calibration and testing with Vasthi control and calibration set.

The Dew point meter is an industrial measuring tool widely used to determine the dew point temperature of compressed air or gas. The Dew point temperature of a gas or air is related to atmospheric pressure. This is atmospheric dew point temperature. The Dew point temperature of gas or air at a pressure higher than the atmospheric pressure is termed “pressure dew point (PDP)”.

 A dew point temperature is a temperature at which moisture present in the compressed air or gas condensates to liquid form. The drying of air is highly essential in many industrial processes. If an optimal temperature is not maintained in the compressed air or gas, the moisture present in it can severely damage the sensitive equipment. 

In the pharmaceutical industry, maintaining the dryness in the air plays a vital role in the quality of the end product. Likewise, measuring the dew point of compressed air or gas is a critically important step in many industrial processes.

A dew point meter is used to determine the dew point temperature (°Ctd), temperature (°C), relative humidity (% RH), and moisture (PPM). An ideal dew point meter can accurately measure a wide range of temperatures (-110°C to 30°C) in compressed gas or air. Vasthi Dew point meters and dew point transmitters are recommended by professionals worldwide for their +/-1°C accuracy.

Sampling System:

A wide range of bespoke and standard sampling conditioning systems are available, depending on the process conditions. Filters, pumps, and regulators can be incorporated to deliver the sample in an accurate condition. Bypass flow systems enable longer distances from the process to the analyzer to be achieved. Our engineers at Vasthi Instruments are always ready to recommend the right system for you on receipt of the full gas stream specification.

Vasthi Instruments’ product catalog includes dew point measuring instruments like online dew point meters, portable dew point meters, and dew point transmitters with standard measuring options and options specialized for a bespoke measurement range catering to every industrial requirement. We at Vasthi Instruments take pride in providing impeccable services and safety measurement tools for our vast customer base at domestic and international industrial operations.


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